Microsoft Will Unify Windows 10 Icons with a New Brand-Wide Design


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A week ago, Microsoft uncovered plans to modernize its Office symbol suite, yet it would seem that the arrangement is greater than just Office. Truth be told, this new structure language gives off an impression of being a piece of a greater arrangement for every single stock Window symbols.

On the off chance that you look through your Windows machine's beginning menu and simply take a gander at the Microsoft symbols, you'll see a variety of styles and looks—some of which that go back a long time. To modernize the look and feel of Windows 10, Microsoft will move in the direction of refreshing these symbols with a perfect and reliable look.

This move bodes well, as we're experiencing a daily reality such that these refinements truly matter. Apple has predictable structure language crosswise over of its gadgets and Google has Material Design to keep a comparable look and feel over its different administrations and working frameworks.

So it bodes well that Microsoft would not just overhaul its Office symbols—which haven't seen an update in five years—however utilize this plan language over the remainder of the working framework. The refreshed Office symbols are inconceivably perfect and present day looking, and I'm actually truly anticipating seeing the structure assume control over the remainder of Windows 10.

Microsoft's Head of Office Design Jon Friedman post a nitty gritty Medium on the new Office symbols a week ago, however it was just uncovered in the remarks (where Friedman responded to peruser questions) that the structure will advance toward the remainder of the working framework.